The Ludlow Fringe Art Festival

If you are in the Ludlow area of Shropshire UK, you may be interested to know about a the range of art exhibitions that are on display right now.

It all starts with a weekend of street activities which include artists using paint spray cans to create works in front of the passing audience. Artists from the region contribute to this while children are invited to do pavement painting and graffiti art on specially provide panels.

This part of the Ludlow Fringe Festival is now in its fourth year and is organised by the Ludlow Arts Society.

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This then leads into the Ludlow Fringe Art Trail. This is an opportunity for artists from around the region to showcase works which include paintings, sculptures, pottery, photographs and jewellery.

These exhibits can be seen at over twenty different locations across Ludlow and there is a free map and guide available from various places in the town.

One exhibit in particular involves a replica of ‘Warrior’ the War Horse made from cardboard by artist Ann Wallace.

Warrior the War Horse
Warrior the War Horse arrives for the Ludlow Fringe Art Trail arrives, appropriately, by horsebox.

Warrior the War Horse survived through battles in World War 1 at the Somme and Ypres and was awarded the equivalent of the Victoria Cross medal known as the PDSA Dickin Medal.

The Ludlow Fringe Art Trail is now in its fifth year and there are many exhibits to see. Some of the art work is for sale and the event concludes on the 2nd of July.

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