How to pick art for your apartment

How to pick art for your apartment.

Let’s assume, for this, that you have a new apartment and you are just about to move in. Even if you’ve been there for a while, consider the place to be empty, a blank canvas, if you will. Here is your chance to start over. The space is yours. You have full control to be you, releasing your personality and feed your visual indulgences. You just need to take a look around at whatever is out there and get yourself into the right mood when it comes to ‘How to pick art for your apartment’.

Are you looking for inspiration? Most people are.

Go through to the Gratton art virtual gallery and choose from the selection.

Visit the virtual gallery

There is something modern about having an apartment. Often elevated with a view that many crave whether day or night. There aren’t the constraints and commitments that come with a semi or detached. An apartment is an opportunity to escape and explore.

So, you have space and freedom. How can you make best use of it? We’ve already decided that this is a modern apartment that you can make your own. What would I do? I would go ‘Abstract’.

How to pick art for your apartment.
From Saatchi art.

Think about it. Your apartment is a departure from convention, don’t fear it, embrace it.

The ‘lines’ of an apartment interior are shouting out “please don’t be conventional”.

Do we go portrait or landscape? Apartment walls tend to be wide expanses so you’re safe with landscape.

How to pick art for your apartment.
From Saatchi art.


But why not push it further, let’s go banner style.

Keep it at eye level-buy-level. If it’s where it can be seen from a seated position keep it low. In standing areas like a hallway keep it higher.

Don’t get carried away you can over do it. Did someone once say “less is more?” I’m sure I’ve heard it more than once.

Too many pieces can make the place look untidy.

Find out about the Specs-Delight

Don’t allow yourself to become trapped by the perceived expectations of others. This is your campaign so go for an outcome that looks and feels right for you. Don’t feel constrained by the style of furnishings that are in the room-space. Some go to a lot of trouble to find pieces that match what they have. Why should you? If you see a piece in a gallery that you like but it challenges your current ‘deco’, so be it. After a while conflicting styles will gel and become familiar.

Where do you start? Do you go through a gallery collection and see what appeals to you first or do you stand around looking at the bare walls of your apartment and imagine what you think it needs?

The latter wouldn’t work for me. See what’s out there. Search through a gallery and find pieces that do it for you. Go with your feelings and don’t be afraid to make the bold decision.

It may suite you to have just one large piece that commands your entire living space. The empty wall space around it forcing the eye to the main event. This can be extra special, a large statement to fill a big enough space that has a few low-shelf ornaments to accompany it without being a challenge.

Don’t forget lighting. Unless your pad is well lit from natural light then it’s quite likely that you will need strategically placed flood-lights to bring out the best of what you have. Well managed lighting will give the piece a professional look. It will generate the well intended sense of authority that the artwork deserves. It could even be justified as the central focus of your home.

The Gratton art virtual gallery

The Gratton art virtual gallery is an immersive experience where you can view artworks in a gallery setting. This goes beyond scrolling a page and just looking at images of art.

Visit the virtual gallery

To take a look at the virtual gallery go to, click or press on the orange spot to gain entry. When you arrive in the gallery, simply drag or swipe left, right, up or down to look around. To move to a new position click or press the orange spots on the floor.

There is an ever-increasing number of Halls to visit within the gallery. To move to another Hall take notice of the direction instructions on the walls at the gallery exit areas. Click or press on the relevant orange spot for the hall that you want to visit next. You can visit the Grattonart virtual gallery again and again.