How to buy art online

How to buy art online

Understanding how to buy art online is as easy as buying anything else. There is a massive choice out there. There are categories of every art style. For wall art there are originals and prints. If the original isn’t available then, very often, you can get art prints online. Search for quality from quality suppliers.

Visit the virtual gallery

Unless you are skilled in the craft, take up the option of having your chosen piece framed or gallery wrapped. The piece will be fully prepared to hang as soon as it arrives. Experienced suppliers will make a better job of it. If you take it on yourself it may not work out just as you would like it. There is also the risk that you may cause damage then you have to see it every day and be constantly reminded.

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Don’t forget sculptures. Three dimensional art is also available online. Just find the sculpture category and make a selection. Do plenty of research before taking the plunge. Check the size and do some experimenting with images of a desired sculpture piece. ‘Snapscreen’ an image online and use one of the free graphics software packages (I suggest Gimp) to place it on an image of the desired location in or around your home. You could do the same for hanging wall art.

Choosing art for your apartment

Inexpensive artwork

Many make the assumption that all artwork is expensive. There will always be pieces by well known artists who can command a high price for their work. But, in the search that you must do, you will find artists who create wall art that will fit your budget. There is cheap framed wall art available but this doesn’t mean that it will necessary look cheap. The more you look the more chances you will find affordable art prints.

Take your time, don’t rush in, allow the decision making process to take as long as it takes. This is a big part of the fun. Searching through the styles that are out there is something that you must do yourself.

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Have an open mind. This is a journey of discovery. The art dimension has nothing rigid about it. There are no rules or laws. Let your mind drift through ranges of artwork on offer.

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Don’t tie yourself down to finding perfection. What is perfection? If you can define it, do you really want or need it? Perfection is elusive. In nature there are examples that can be identified but it rarely happens by design and intent. So remove it from the list of stress-causing expectations that so many seem to live with.

You are going to make ‘the choice’. When you choose a piece that you like then that is the right choice. The risk that others may not agree can’t make it wrong. Who are they? Let them go and make their own choices, this is about you.

So many types of art

The Gratton art virtual gallery

The Gratton art virtual gallery is an immersive experience where you can view artworks in a gallery setting. This goes beyond scrolling a page and just looking at images of art.

Visit the virtual gallery

To take a look at the virtual gallery go to, click or press on the orange spot to gain entry. When you arrive in the gallery, simply drag or swipe left, right, up or down to look around. To move to a new position click or press the orange spots on the floor.

There is an ever-increasing number of Halls to visit within the gallery. To move to another Hall take notice of the direction instructions on the walls at the gallery exit areas. Click or press on the relevant orange spot for the hall that you want to visit next. You can visit the Grattonart virtual gallery again and again.

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