Choosing art work for your home

choosing art

What type of artwork does it for you?

Choosing art work for your home is almost an art in itself as, in making a choice, you become the artist. Your home is your canvas. This is your chance to make a statement about you and display elements of your character that others may not have hitherto appreciated.

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As with any tastes among the delights of life, there will be those that work for you. The views and experiences that stick in your mind in a good way providing a moment of sanctuary and, may be, escape.

It’s personal, you have the freedom to display of yourself but, at the same time, you may have to resist the fear of being judged. Resist it, be your own character, remember this is about you. If you see something that you like, then it’s for you so just do it and get it.

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How much free area do you have?

This will depend on how important your displays are to you. You may have an area of wall space that’s crying out for something to fill it. If you are in connoisseur mode you may consider changing the wall base-colour to work with your chosen piece.

Be bold and assertive, if you feel that your new acquisition trumps everything around it then clear a space and allow it to just take over. Art isn’t just for walls, there’s nothing wrong with being a little ‘Sistine Chapel‘ about it and secure it to the ceiling.